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Elk Hunting

The elk population in Finland is approximately 300,000 individuals of which 65,000 are harvested annually. The harvesting mainly concentrates on young individuals. Older male individuals have mighty horns that can make an impressive hunting trophy. Elk hunting in Finland is controlled by law and the holder of a hunting permit is granted a certain number of licenses per each hunting season. Our company obtains licenses to shoot ca 15 elks / season. Hunting with dogs has shown to be the most efficient way of finding catch.


Elk hunting is the most popular of our hunting programs. Elk hunting is team work with different kinds of hunting methods. Our hunting guides have several premium class bloodhounds that help in the tracking of an elk. The modern GPS technology makes hunting even more interesting as the hunters can follow the moves of the dogs and elks on the screen of the device on real time. In Finland, the hunting season lasts from October until the end of December.


Elk hunting in Finland, 3 days

1st Day – Arrival

After a half an hour transfer from Kajaani airport the group arrives at Puikkokoski hunting lodge. Sauna is waiting for the travelers and after sauna delicious dinner is served in the cabin of the main building. During the dinner we have introduction to the hunting area on map and the next day’s plans. Accommodation takes place in camps cozy sleeping rooms (1-5 persons / room) in the main building.

2nd Day – Hunting

After breakfast a short transfer to the hunting area, where professional elk hunting dogs are already working. We have the GPS technology at our disposal and so we can follow the movements of the dogs already from the breakfast table. The idea in the actual hunting is that the dog locates the elks, stops or slows them down by barking and we set up a line of shooters in the direction where the elks are moving.

Lunch is served around camp fire. If the weather conditions are suitable, we can also try hide hunting in the twilight. In the evening, we have a relaxing sauna and a tasty dinner in the cabin.

3 rd Day – Back home

Breakfast is served at the lodge and after that we have same kind of hunting plan as previous day. Around noon we have lunch in the forest. After hunting day there is a possibility to have a quick sauna at the lodge before goodbyes and transfer to Kajaani airport. The journey back home goes nicely with good hunting memories. 

Hunting methods, additional days and the daily program can easily be adjusted according to group’s requests.

Price: Ask for an offer!

Elk Guarantee

Elk Guarantee is applied in this product; i.e. in case no contact to elks is detected within the hunting area during the trip, the customer may purchase a hunting product of the same duration free of charge the following year. The supplier must be able to indicate that one of the participants or the dogs have been in a sight distance of an elk within the licensed hunting range.